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Developing good relations with the media is an essential part of any communications campaign. 

With our extensive network of media contacts in Cambodia, Asia-Pacific and beyond, we are uniquely placed to get you the exposure that your product or project deserves.

From simple press releases, to full supplements, to high-end video and photo production — we help to get your story out in the best way possible.


Your reputation takes years to build but it can be damaged in moments when things don’t go according to plan.

With our extensive journalistic expertise we can help clients prepare for adverse events, and then manage them if they should arise.

Good planning and an executable plan are essential and we will support you through this important process.


With more and more purchases – big and small – happening online, using social media platforms to help promote and sell your products is a key component of today’s retail world.

Creative design, targeted advertising and proactive reporting of results are the main ingredients to open up new ways of reaching your customers.


Not all communications are the same and we understand that different business sectors require different approaches.

This is especially true in the financial sector, where regulatory requirements and complex products require the most accurate communications possible.

We have deep experience in this sector — as journalists and as PR and comms professionals — and our expert understanding will ensure that your story is told accurately and professionally.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a major consideration for running a successful company, ensuring that all stakeholders are understood, respected, and supported.

CSR is most effective when target audiences and beneficiaries are closely linked to the product or service you offer as a company i.e. financial institutions should focus on financial literacy and financial inclusion projects, drinks companies on access to clean drinking water and hygiene etc.

QED actively supports clients in their external facing CSR efforts and strategy, advising on partnerships and the best ways to maximise exposure and impact to bring clear benefits to both the client and the communities they operate in.


“Show, don’t tell” is one of our core mantras at QED.

By getting your product or service in the hands of your audience, customers are more likely to make informed decisions and spread the word.

We work with you to make sure your customers are getting the best chance to sample your products and use your brand in the real world.


Creating outstanding content and telling good stories are the genesis of any good campaign — whether its videos, photos, text or the rich media formats that have taken over the internet.

From concept, to storyboard, and post-production, we work with you to create high-quality content adapted to the most appropriate formats.

Our camera crews, photographers, writers and editors are experienced in different formats, and we put storytelling at the centre of all our work.


The beauty of digital marketing is two-fold: the ability to directly target specific audiences, and the data available to accurately show how successful a campaign was.

The world is increasingly digital, and firms that have embraced this knowledge have gained a headstart in marketing their goods and services.

In Cambodia, where smartphone penetration is high, and mobile data cheap and fast, the importance of digital marketing cannot be ignored.

Our highly-experienced team work with clients to identify audiences and the best ways to market to them using the most effective and relevant digital platforms.

No longer do you have to guess how effective a billboard was, or try to estimate how many people watched an advert on TV or in a newspaper — with digital marketing this data is yours to analyse, and then develop follow-up campaigns in the most cost and time effective ways.


As the business world is changing rapidly, with new technologies being introduced to make processes more efficient, tailored and responsive, digital transformation is becoming a crucial part of any company’s strategy.

Through digital transformation, companies can boost their growth, achieve greater efficiency and remain competitive, for instance by improving business agility thanks to digital resources or introducing new technologies to respond to new trends.

Our agency supports companies when it comes to adapting or updating their current business processes in order to incorporate the right digital strategies and technologies.


Since 2013, we have been running our own digital media channel “Geeks in Cambodia” – the first platform dedicated to new technologies and startups in the Kingdom.

Through this we have developed a unique expertise and valuable data on the local startup scene and ecosystem. With the recent development of “Startup Cambodia”, our open source database and resources center, we have been reinforcing our vision in educating and empowering entrepreneurs, as well as providing essential information to key investors and stakeholders.


Interactions with governments, regulators and other public bodies are an essential part of operating a successful business.

Finding the right tone for a letter, or inviting the right official for an event, are important considerations for your business.

We have worked with government agencies, international and local NGOs and organisations like the United Nations and the European Union to support them with their communications.

We help facilitate connections between public and private organisations, which are at the root of many successful collaborations.


As Cambodians embrace the digital revolution, the role of influencers in helping brands and organisations deliver their messages is growing.

With our in-depth understanding of Cambodia and the audience here, we are uniquely positioned to find your brand or organisation the ideal influencers to partner with and to support that partnership with clear and creative content direction, oversight and delivery.

With influencers playing a bigger role in Cambodia’s digital landscape, we will ensure you are getting the most out of these valuable relationships.